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Specialty Winners

  • 2003 NSCA National Winner - Ch. Ryuukyuumaru Go Gold Typhoon
  • 2004 Colonial Shiba Classic Winner - Ch. Hi-Jinx Chip Shot
  • 2004 NSCA National Winner - CH Musashi Go Soushuu Choumonsou
  • 2005 NSCA National WinnerCH Musashi Go Soushuu Choumonsou
  • 2006 NSCA National Winner - CH Copperdot's Academy Award CDX
  • 2007 NSCA National Winner - CH Kawamalsou's Best Kept Secret
  • 2008 NSCA National Winner - CH Pacific Rim Whole Lotta Love
  • 2009 NSCA National Winner - CH Jogoso's Fool For Love
  • 2010 NSCA National Winner - CH Tenkai Go Ryuukyuu Uruma
  • 2011 NSCA National Winner - GCH CH Kumi One Ten Soldier
  • 2012 NSCA National Winner - GCH CH Justa Massimiliano
  • 2013 NSCA National Winner - GCH CH Lee-Fen's An Everlasting Love

Obedience (under construction)


ShibaSports Website:  lists the many activities for Shibas to
participate in and compete in, if you choose to go that direction.  There is
also a great feature at this site where you can sign up to become a member of
the ShibaSports List.

Book Review: Raising a Champion — A Beginner's Guide to Showing Dogs

by A. Meredith John & Carole L. Richards

A book especially designed for beginners but also useful for the veteran. I've been showing dogs for about 30 years and probably learned a few tricks while reading this book cover to cover in an afternoon. I wish this book had been around in 1973! It is very comprehensive and yet is a quick read. I then passed it on to my boyfriend Jonathan who wants to learn how to show shibas and he pronounced it a winner!

This book covers the basics of how to train your puppy and handle it in the show ring, how to enter a dog show and figure out a premium list... even how to correctly mark a catalog!

 It also has easy to understand answers to such questions as how to figure out extra points achieved by defeating specials (which confuses even some long-timers I know) and also how reserve winners is awarded.

The book contains over 250 photographs and figures with very good examples of how to stack your dog, showing both correct stacks and common mistakes that are made. It's the illustrated standard for showing your own dog! Two paws up from the ShibaWeb :)

Raising a champion is a 254 page softcover and can be ordered from:

Any other questions?:


Cool dog supplies at

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